Tips, Tricks and Info

Tips and tricks and information you maybe didn't know:

Nude You
Choose the shade of nude that is best for you.

Winter Care for Leather Boots and Shoes
The wet and cold weather is bad enough, add salt to it, and leather boots and shoes have a lot to put up with.

How High is that Heel?
How are heels measured and how high is a low, mid or high heel?

How to avoid painful shoes
A few simple tricks to use when trying on new shoes...before you buy!

The Black Pump
The black pump is a classic but it comes in many styles, so have a look at a few examples to see which style works best for your personality... or maybe you'll want several :)

Online Shoe Shopping
I personally enjoy the experience of trying on shoes too much to deprive myself of that by buying shoes online, but if you're just looking for the shoe not the experience, then here are a few things to keep in mind.

Stiletto Defined
Exactly what is a stiletto and how does a shoe qualify as such?