Oct 31, 2012

The City Boot

The City Boot, also known as a Riding Boot... or equestrian boot.

The Boot:
Knee high, with a full length inside zipper; stacked, block 1.5 inch heel; textured tread ...and fantastically comfortable, this is the perfect city boot!

What I like:
The well placed - but minimal - straps and hardware add a sleek polish to the leather upper. Speaking of which, I adore the lion embossed buckle!  Rrrr! Eh hmm...

What I don't like:
The boot itself... nothing. I love it!  It's a little pricier than some other boots but if you like quality, then it's worth the possibility of living on tomato sandwiches for a while.


(I've found it online for anything ranging from $150-$250 but as always, I strongly recommend you try any shoe or boot on before committing to it. So if you must deprive yourself of the shoe shopping experience, make sure the site you order from has a decent return policy.)  

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