Aug 17, 2012

Shoe Review: Nine West, BookNow

I love little details on a shoe that add that extra little touch of fun, flair, elegance, or just that hint of something different... like the lace-up on the back of this shoe.

Honestly, I'm not sure what caught my eye first, the lace-up accent or the scalloped sides and high top-line (also called the vamp). And eye catching it is, creating a sophisticated profile for your foot.

It is such a beautiful classic look and will go perfectly with pretty much any outfit, but particularly your little dress, black or any other colour.  They dress up a pair of skinny jeans (just please, make sure that you should actually be wearing skinny jeans, because let's face it, a great pair of shoes will not redeem your fashion "Don't" if, like me, your body was not meant to be dressed in skinny jeans... face that reality, buy other great jeans and move on to buying beautiful shoes instead.)  ... where was I...?  right, great with jeans. 

Anyway. They are amazingly comfortable; soft suede, medium+ heel. Comes in standard black and a stunning look-at-me red.  $125.

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