Jul 13, 2012

Summer Shoe Sales!

There really is never such a thing as a bad time to buy shoes, but still, this time of year is a great time to go splurge!  Why?  Well, mostly because there are shoes to be bought, but to stay on topic for this post, because there are fantastic sales happening everywhere on all the fabulous summer shoes and sandals... and! there is still plenty of patio weather left to wear them!!

With sales like Nine West's 70% off, you can justify buying just about anything, but I particularly like the Holleratme sandal because it looks like it will fit in very nicely with the fall shoe trend.... and for the sales price of only $39.99, it will very soon be the newest addition to my closet. (I of course still have to try it on so am crossing my toes it's comfortable....but I love the fringe, it's so pretty!!!)

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