Jul 31, 2012

5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Sporty Runner

As I mentioned in Essential Shoes of a Man, The Dressy Brown, after a few comments pointing out the lack of content about men's shoes, Julian from Jack of All Travels, has graciously agreed to guest write a few posts about men's shoes.

Here is the third in his five part series.

Part 3 of 5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Sporty Runner

Welcome back to Part 3 of the 5 part series "5 Essential Shoes of a Man."  If you read part 2, you should be enjoying summer to the fulest, rrelaxing in your Laid Back Slip-ons.  But now, it's time to switch gears and get active and outside in your Sporty Runners, the 3rd Essential Shoe.

Sporty Runners are on the list of essential shoes for one reason: as a man, you should be active. You'll catch more eyes playing soccer at a local park than you will sipping drinks at the local pub. And you'll catch more eyes at the pub if you're fit from playing soccer or running. Right? 

Sporty Runner are lightweight shoes, generally with a mesh upper and a dual-density foam sole made for - you guessed it - running.  They are designed to keep your motion free and uninhibited while allowing airflow to wick away your sweat, keeping your feet cool in hot situations.  Running, hiking, backyard soccer, football, Frisbee, - mowing the lawn, they're perfect for almost all summery outdoor situations.

Pick your brand, there are plenty; just get a good pair that fits your feet and gives them proper support.  A good pair of runners will usually cost you anywhere from $80 - $100 but they can go upwards of $150 (Brooks Launch shown, $90).  Concentrate on getting a pair that feels good on your feet.

Thanks for reading Part 3, the Sporty Runner.  Check back for the next post, the Rugged Boot.

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