Jul 31, 2012

5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Sporty Runner

As I mentioned in Essential Shoes of a Man, The Dressy Brown, after a few comments pointing out the lack of content about men's shoes, Julian from Jack of All Travels, has graciously agreed to guest write a few posts about men's shoes.

Here is the third in his five part series.

Part 3 of 5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Sporty Runner

Welcome back to Part 3 of the 5 part series "5 Essential Shoes of a Man."  If you read part 2, you should be enjoying summer to the fulest, rrelaxing in your Laid Back Slip-ons.  But now, it's time to switch gears and get active and outside in your Sporty Runners, the 3rd Essential Shoe.

Sporty Runners are on the list of essential shoes for one reason: as a man, you should be active. You'll catch more eyes playing soccer at a local park than you will sipping drinks at the local pub. And you'll catch more eyes at the pub if you're fit from playing soccer or running. Right? 

Sporty Runner are lightweight shoes, generally with a mesh upper and a dual-density foam sole made for - you guessed it - running.  They are designed to keep your motion free and uninhibited while allowing airflow to wick away your sweat, keeping your feet cool in hot situations.  Running, hiking, backyard soccer, football, Frisbee, - mowing the lawn, they're perfect for almost all summery outdoor situations.

Pick your brand, there are plenty; just get a good pair that fits your feet and gives them proper support.  A good pair of runners will usually cost you anywhere from $80 - $100 but they can go upwards of $150 (Brooks Launch shown, $90).  Concentrate on getting a pair that feels good on your feet.

Thanks for reading Part 3, the Sporty Runner.  Check back for the next post, the Rugged Boot.

Jul 29, 2012

Cute in a shoe. Baby shoe that is...

For the last month I have been consumed with nothing except my exams but now: Back to shoes!  Yesterday I wrote my last final exam of the school year, so today I rewarded myself... with shoes of course!

While I did manage to find shoes for myself (two pairs as a matter of fact!), my favourite purchase of the day? These incredibly cute and just beyond adorable baby shoes from Stuart Weitzman!  A friend of mine is having a baby girl and I've been invited to the baby shower.  Since there are plenty of family members to take care of the practical gifts like the onesies and receiving blankets, I could think of no better gift for me to give than a pair of designer shoes!

Now, from a practical "shoe review" aspect: they are faux suede with a soft fabric sole, heart and diamond shaped embellished collar and pretty lace bow.... but seriously, don't they just make you smile?!

Oh, and the fact that the tiny little baby toe box comes stuffed with a tiny little bit of tissue paper just makes me giggle :)

Jul 13, 2012

Summer Shoe Sales!

There really is never such a thing as a bad time to buy shoes, but still, this time of year is a great time to go splurge!  Why?  Well, mostly because there are shoes to be bought, but to stay on topic for this post, because there are fantastic sales happening everywhere on all the fabulous summer shoes and sandals... and! there is still plenty of patio weather left to wear them!!

With sales like Nine West's 70% off, you can justify buying just about anything, but I particularly like the Holleratme sandal because it looks like it will fit in very nicely with the fall shoe trend.... and for the sales price of only $39.99, it will very soon be the newest addition to my closet. (I of course still have to try it on so am crossing my toes it's comfortable....but I love the fringe, it's so pretty!!!)

Jul 9, 2012

5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Laid Back Slip-on

As I mentioned in 5 Essential Shoes of a Man, The Dressy Brown, after a few comments pointing out the lack of content about men's shoes, Julian from Jack of All Travels, has graciously agreed to guest write a few posts about men's shoes.

Here is the second in his five part series. 

Part 2 of 5 Essential Shoes of a Man: The Laid Back Slip-on

Welcome back to Part 2 of the 5 part series "5 Essential Shoes of a Man." With Summer in full swing, I thought it most appropriate to talk about a summery shoe that every man should own, The Laid Back Slip-on.

So, what am I talking about here? Sperrys, Toms, loafers, Sanuks (Vagabond $60, pictured), lace-less Chuck Taylors or Vans.  You need a low cut shoe that can be worn without socks for your summertime fun. They are comfortable, stylish, and keep those ugly, un-MAN-icured feet out of sight while still keeping them cool.

Lack Back Slip-ons replace your geeky Chaco or Teva sandals, your Hollister thongs, and your Reef flip flops.  Have some self-respect and wear something that both looks good on your feet and is age appropriate this summer.  Save your Chaco's in the back of your closet for when you go rafting, throw out your Hollister's, and donate your Reef's to the 16 year old that probably sold them to you at the beach.  Sandals are for Surfers and Geeks.  So unless you are one with your calculator, stick to Laid Back Slip-ons; your self-respect will thank you later. I Promise.

Thanks again for reading; look out for Part 3, The Sporty Runner.

Jul 4, 2012

The Bay: better Expression required

This is a letter to The Bay.

I would like to start off by saying the I really like The Bay; as a matter of fact, I shop there almost exclusively for much of my wardrobe. I, like many good Canadian, am very patriotic and yes, I'm know chances are very good that 90% of the products were made in China and that its ownership may not be strictly Canadian.... but that's not the point.

When it comes to clothes, I love the selections, especially all the small boutique lines. The variety of shoe brands and designers is fabulous and usually ensures that my shoe man, Mohammed at my regular Bay store, always has something to show me when I stop by. So, how is it possible that The Bay's line of shoes, Expression, is so constantly and sadly disappointing?!

This isn't a one time blunder either. Every line has that at some point in time and that's understandable. However, I have yet to find a pair of Expression shoes that are both comfortable and well made. I had purchased this pair of shoes which are gorgeous; beautiful colour, sexy high heel... and exactly as uncomfortable as the cliche high heel that leaves a woman hobbling and asking her boyfriend for a piggyback lift home at the end of the night.  This summer, still determined to show my loyalty, I got a pair of wedge sandals which I thoroughly tested for comfort while in the store. They passed. I bought two pairs, one black and one light brown. But apparently I tested them too much. The third time I wore them the entire sole lifted off the wedge platform on the black pair and when I checked the brown, the same thing was starting to happen there.

So, to The Bay. You have over 300 years of history and clearly have access to amazing designers, so as a very loyal customer and avid shoe lover, I'd like to ask you to please take a close look at your shoes.  I understand that it's important to try to keep costs down but I truly believe that you can do better than your Expression line of shoes. 

Shoe Personality.