Jun 11, 2012

Summer Wedge

I absolutely love this wedge sandal.  This is Gemma by Michael Antonio. Aside from how fabulous they look, there are two things that make this wedge my new favourite.

First, the strap around the ankle is nice and wide, allowing me to secure it without digging into my skin. The strap across the back of the heel is also placed very well so that I just slip them on really quickly for a quick step outside without having to do up the buckle - this is very important as that indicates that the entire pressure of keeping the shoe on will not be placed just on the ankle strap.

And, the other very important feature is the continuous inner sole. Often sandals will have a break in the sole just at the base of the toes and the ball of the foot. While this seems fine at first, over time the edge starts to loosen a bit, lifting the edge and by the end of a day that little line can feel like the edge of a sharp razor, leaving you hobbled and limping... so, that single sole is a very important in a high heel.

Overall, tons of compliments for a comfortable gorgeous summer sandal: love it!

The heel is 4.5 inches, with a 1 inch platform 

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