Jun 22, 2012

Shoe Review: Pick Me Up, Nine West

This shoe is absolutely stunning. It has good padding in the sole, the heel is a nice width, making it easy enough to walk in despite the height, and the colour! The colour is phenomenal! Overall, it's good.  


First, it fits large. My normal size 8 was quite a bit too large and my heel was slipping out of the back of the shoe. To keep the shoe on I had to tighten the ankle strap as much as possible, which brings me to the second issue. 

The ankle strap is very thin; while this gives you a really nice profile (seriously, my ankles never looked slimmer!) considering how tightly I had to do it up to keep the shoe on, it became quite uncomfortable after only a few steps.

I tried going down a size and the shoe still fit... it was a little bit tighter in the toe box but if only for that I could still have worn it; unfortunately it did not solve the issue with my heel slipping out and I still had to do up the strap quite tightly.

The problem with having to rely on just the ankle strap to keep the shoe from slipping off is that the pressure of the strap digging into your ankle will become very painful after a while.

I'll be honest, I liked it enough that if I find it on sale I'll probably still get it even if it means only wearing it when I know I won't be doing a lot of walking :)

The heel is 4.5 inches with a 1 inch partially covered platform.

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