Jun 19, 2012

How Nude

Everyone woman needs to have at least one pair of nude shoes... ideally, you will have more than one (pumps, peep-toe, sandals...)

But before you go out and just buy the first pair of shoes with the colour description of "nude", take a moment to make sure that they are nude for you.  For example, I am very fair skinned (I say my skin is like fair alabaster, others might say I'm pasty white, but that's a matter of colour perception I think...)


Being fair skinned, a pair of shoes that are "nude" on my fabulously tanned friend will be more like a light brown for me; nude for me is the Biscotto below.  The nude shades have varying undertones such as yellow, beige/brown or pink.  So, using a current collection from Stuart Weitzman, here is a small sample of nude shoes but as always, the best way to get the ideal shoe for you is for you to go try on a bunch!
"Loire"  Color: Flesh Aniline
"Avignon"   Color: Adobe Aniline
"Caplitely"  Color: Biscotto Aniline
"Diplille"  Color: Moonglo Aniline

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