Jun 8, 2012

Don't Glitter

Okay, I know it's summer, that we want fun and that glitter is fun but if it's going to be on a shoe, then it really needs to be more than just glitter glued to an otherwise perfectly good shoe.  Because glitter glued to a shoe is tacky.

And personally, I'm disappointed in the quality of this attempt by Nine West.  The Danee heel is Nine West's Rocha pump which I've previously mentioned here as a great black pump, so the shoe itself is good. But the glitter makes it look cheap and poorly made.

... perhaps if they had used a more fine grain glitter rather than the large dollar-store-look-alike... perhaps I'm just not a glitter girl, not sure which but either way, this is a solid no for me.

This is Islebthere also by Nine West; I thought perhaps I'd like the glitter on a flat a bit more but no, it was just as tacky.

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