Mar 14, 2012

Why Shoes?

So, why do I love shoes? Well, looking back I don't know why it took me so long to discover my passion for shoes to begin with.

I've never really had much of an eye for fashion and I have next to no sense when it comes to following current trends - I barely figure out what the current trend is, much less how to wear it before it ends and the next one takes its place!

Then, there's the issue of what to wear on a "fat day" or whether or not this top and that bottom go together... it's tiring just thinking about it! And that is why my wardrobe is very straight forward: basic jeans, classic dresses, A-line skirts and simple blouses and shirts; nothing fancy.

My fashion personality is in my shoes.

It doesn't matter what my weight is on any given day, if I'm having a fat day, skinny day or any other kind of day, my shoes always fit. 

My night out calls for something a bit fancier? No problem. I'll wear my Dollhouse shoes with the super sexy mesh to add that special touch to my other wise uninspired outfit of short black skirt and sheer blouse. Instant edge!

Because there is no such thing as a bad shoe day.

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