Mar 26, 2012

Shoe Review: Nine West - Cunning

I don't necessarily need this shoe but it's such a great party shoe, and it's so comfortable I figure it's probably a good idea to have it in the closet, you know, just in case :)  Plus, at $130, it's not too, too expensive. 

The heel is a fantastic 5.5 inches but with the 1.5 inch platform, it's actually more like a manageable 4 inches.  An additional little plus is the adjustable strap; also, the toe spring (the curve of the toe end of the platform) is nicely rounded, making it very easy to walk in.

The neutral is obviously a more versatile choice, but I do quite enjoy the fun feel of the demin.


    1. I love the neutral shoe! It's so beautiful. But will I be able to walk in them???...

    2. If you are okay with the height of the heel, then yes I think so :)

      The platform actually takes a bit of the height off so it's not as extremely high as it looks in the picture. Also, the sole of the platform has a nice curve to make, making it surprisingly easy to walk it. I really like them and I refuse to buy shoes unless they're dance-able!