Mar 16, 2012

Bunions, a Shoe's Worst Enemy

So you've been wearing pointy stilettos, strappy sandals and heels in general since the moment your mom said you were old enough... or, in the case of my mom, since she finally gave in against her better judgement.

And, quite possibly, you're on your way to having feet like this:

Not pretty, and I'm very sure, not comfortable. So let's not do that to our feet.

But you don't want to give up your fabulous shoes, you say? Well, me either, so I've been using this nifty little toe spreader. The point is to help maintain proper alignment and relieve the stress of being pinched up in pointy shoes.

There are different ones available - I got mine from Rexall, but where ever you get them from, make sure you read the instructions, and follow them. Depending on your toe condition, you'll want to pay attention to how long to wear it and if to stick all your little tootsies in right away or just a few to start. I started with wearing it only about 10 minutes a day while watching TV, reading in bed or while soaking in the tub (not in the shower - a slippery tub is not the best place to try out a new balancing act). I've personally found this very helpful and will continue using it, since chances are quite high that the design of high heels is not going to change any time soon.

If you're already on the way to forming a bunion, you may want to look at the design of some of your shoes (and possibly consult with a podiatrist), but that is a completely different post for another time.

In the mean time, take care of those feet!

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