Mar 12, 2012

The Black Pump

The black pump is very much like the little black dress. Such a small, simple little item but your wardrobe is not complete without it.

Elegant with a dress and black nylons, professional with a pinstripe suite, sexy with a short skirt and bare legs, casual with a pair of jeans.

But which ones to buy? The answer to that question is as varied as the women asking it. Just based on style alone you have numerous options depending on your personality; do you want a pointy toe or round toe, a stiletto, cone shaped or kitten heel? There are of course many other aspects to consider, such as the type of leather finish, single sole or platform, all of which give the shoe a different look.

Of course, you always can do what I do and get several! As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it.

Here are my picks:

Dolly by Calvin Klein - $85.00
The classic, and at this price, very affordable.

Rocha by Nine West - $120.00
The classic with a slight platform and a higher heel. Very affordable comfort.

Carma by Cole Haan - $278.00
A heel with Nike Air technology - extra padding, stacked heel. Worth every penny.

Michael Kors MK Flex Pumps - $110.00
The classic look but with a low heel.

Nola by Fergalicious - $50.00
I love the look of this pump, the round toe gives it a really cute look, perfect to dress up a pair of dark wash jeans.

My personal favourite:
Maribeth Heel by Coach - $168.00

And on my wish list :)
Christian Louboutin

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