Mar 26, 2012

Shoe Review: Nine West - Cunning

I don't necessarily need this shoe but it's such a great party shoe, and it's so comfortable I figure it's probably a good idea to have it in the closet, you know, just in case :)  Plus, at $130, it's not too, too expensive. 

The heel is a fantastic 5.5 inches but with the 1.5 inch platform, it's actually more like a manageable 4 inches.  An additional little plus is the adjustable strap; also, the toe spring (the curve of the toe end of the platform) is nicely rounded, making it very easy to walk in.

The neutral is obviously a more versatile choice, but I do quite enjoy the fun feel of the demin.

    Mar 22, 2012

    Shoe Review: Aldo - Deloney

    ALDO shoesStill in search of my summer shoe, I tried this fun and summery "shootie". The basket weave and braided trim gives it a unique look and at $80 it's a decent price. The insole has nice padding and the heel height is comfortable enough for a summer stroll or an afternoon of window shopping.

    Unfortunately the fit was off for me. It was quite tight across my foot but loose at the heel so when I walked my heel kept slipping a bit.

    But I really like it, and there's always the chance that maybe it was just that one pair that was off so I may go back another day for a second try

    Definitely worth trying for yourself!

    Mar 21, 2012

    Shoe Review: Nine West Outtasite

    This is Outtasite by Nine West, $120.

    Over all this shoe comfortable enough but I have a couple of little complaints. 

    This is more of an aesthetic issue: the heel and ankle strap don't fit snugly, so the leather at the heel ends up with a very slight fold. Which I don't like the look of. 

    Fit: I find the back of the heel goes up a bit too high, so the zipper  irritates my heel, though only a little. 

    If those were the only complaints I had, I would still buy this shoe. The reason I'm not buying it is the pressure on the bottom of my foot from the heel is quite pronounced. It's almost as if the rest of the sole is very thin, so you really feel the solidity of the heel pressing against your foot. 

    I don't think this shoe would work for an afternoon of window shopping.

    Mar 20, 2012

    It's Spring!

    Today is the first day of Spring!! Let's celebrate with bare feet in sandals!

    Starting from the left, here are the ones I want: 
      Walkhard by Nine West, $120.00      Priddde by Steve Madden, $69.95         Howman by Spring, $40.00 

    Mar 19, 2012

    Be a shoe designer!

    I've said it before and it's still true: I'm not creative. For example, I can paint... if I have another painting to copy (in the end my paintings only end up looking like originals because my copying skills also aren't very good!)

    I came across this website which is such a great idea for anyone who is creative.

    Milk and Honey Shoes gives you the basics and lets you design your own shoe.  I love interesting shoes, and one of a kind is even better.  So I know that despite my lack of creativity, it's only a matter of time before I decide to see what I come up with :)

    Have a look, try out your own design skills!

    Mar 18, 2012

    Shoe Review: Aldo - Mcglaun

    In search of my summer shoe for this year, I came across the Mcglaun sandal from Aldo.  I liked the look of this sandal and really wanted it to be comfortable.

    Unfortunately it wasn't. First, it fits small. The length of the size 39 sole was good but the toe box was so tight my little toe could just barely get squished in and it pinched before I even stood up.

    I did try a larger size but the comfort just wasn't there. I found the material uncomfortable, some of the stitching was rough and the straps holding the ankle band were very uncomfortable.

    So, my summer shoe search continues.

    Shoe Review: Nine West - PackPunch

    Time for summer! This is PackPunch by Nine West.

    The thick ankle strap on this sandal is very flattering, the sole has a light padding making them quite comfortable, the stacked heel is a nice height, the open toe is perfect to display your fresh peddie... I like :)

    Only dilemma is whether to get it in this camel colour or in black...

    Mar 16, 2012

    Bunions, a Shoe's Worst Enemy

    So you've been wearing pointy stilettos, strappy sandals and heels in general since the moment your mom said you were old enough... or, in the case of my mom, since she finally gave in against her better judgement.

    And, quite possibly, you're on your way to having feet like this:

    Not pretty, and I'm very sure, not comfortable. So let's not do that to our feet.

    But you don't want to give up your fabulous shoes, you say? Well, me either, so I've been using this nifty little toe spreader. The point is to help maintain proper alignment and relieve the stress of being pinched up in pointy shoes.

    There are different ones available - I got mine from Rexall, but where ever you get them from, make sure you read the instructions, and follow them. Depending on your toe condition, you'll want to pay attention to how long to wear it and if to stick all your little tootsies in right away or just a few to start. I started with wearing it only about 10 minutes a day while watching TV, reading in bed or while soaking in the tub (not in the shower - a slippery tub is not the best place to try out a new balancing act). I've personally found this very helpful and will continue using it, since chances are quite high that the design of high heels is not going to change any time soon.

    If you're already on the way to forming a bunion, you may want to look at the design of some of your shoes (and possibly consult with a podiatrist), but that is a completely different post for another time.

    In the mean time, take care of those feet!

    Mar 15, 2012

    Spring Fling

    Normally I'm not the best at spotting a new fashion trend, but when it's this bright and bold, it's easy!

    Pitera by Nine West - $130                       Nightclub by Aerosoles - $99.00                  Cregger by Aldo $155.00                     

    And for a little bit of fun:

       Marc by Marc Jacobs - $206                     Marc by Marc Jacobs - $206.00               Chie Mihara - $388


    Mar 14, 2012

    Why Shoes?

    So, why do I love shoes? Well, looking back I don't know why it took me so long to discover my passion for shoes to begin with.

    I've never really had much of an eye for fashion and I have next to no sense when it comes to following current trends - I barely figure out what the current trend is, much less how to wear it before it ends and the next one takes its place!

    Then, there's the issue of what to wear on a "fat day" or whether or not this top and that bottom go together... it's tiring just thinking about it! And that is why my wardrobe is very straight forward: basic jeans, classic dresses, A-line skirts and simple blouses and shirts; nothing fancy.

    My fashion personality is in my shoes.

    It doesn't matter what my weight is on any given day, if I'm having a fat day, skinny day or any other kind of day, my shoes always fit. 

    My night out calls for something a bit fancier? No problem. I'll wear my Dollhouse shoes with the super sexy mesh to add that special touch to my other wise uninspired outfit of short black skirt and sheer blouse. Instant edge!

    Because there is no such thing as a bad shoe day.

    Mar 13, 2012

    Extreme Shoe Makeover

    In this post, I wrote about my first pair of shoes that set me on the path of all things shoe.  Those shoes are quite old and worn by now; for several years they were my only deviation from the standard black pump or black sandal. And I wore them a lot.

    The heel tips have been replaced, the very pointy toe tip has been given a lift a few times (being so pointy, it’s prone to wrinkling after a while) and the padding has also needed replacing. But now, I decided it was time for some big cosmetic work.

    So, I set out to find an experienced cobbler. Not a 'replace the tip on my heel shoe repair store' but a real shoe cobbler.

    Take a pair of fine (and they are fine) Italian made shoes to shoe repair shops for a complete reconstruction and you’ll soon find out which one is a store owner and which one is a cobbler.

    And I, my friends, have a real cobbler. Hassan, who now owns a Money’s Worth and Best close to my work, has been working with shoes for many, many years. As a matter of fact, it seems to be a bit of a family passion since he now has both his son and his nephew apprenticing under him. When I showed him the shoes and explained what I wanted done, he patiently explained all the intricate work he would have to do, the hours of work it would take and how just one wrong move with the old leather could ruin it. He promised nothing but agreed to take one apart to see what he could do.

    When I came back later, he showed me the condition of the leather, the lining, etc and very carefully explained what he had found.  So the big question: Could he do it? With modest pride, he replied that of course he could! 

    And, as any real craftsman, he won’t rush the work, so I am now patiently (okay, impatiently!) waiting as he painstakingly takes my shoes apart, redesigns them and then, eventually, puts them back together.

    In the meantime, he’s keeping me up to date with pictures of his progress.

    Mar 12, 2012

    The Black Pump

    The black pump is very much like the little black dress. Such a small, simple little item but your wardrobe is not complete without it.

    Elegant with a dress and black nylons, professional with a pinstripe suite, sexy with a short skirt and bare legs, casual with a pair of jeans.

    But which ones to buy? The answer to that question is as varied as the women asking it. Just based on style alone you have numerous options depending on your personality; do you want a pointy toe or round toe, a stiletto, cone shaped or kitten heel? There are of course many other aspects to consider, such as the type of leather finish, single sole or platform, all of which give the shoe a different look.

    Of course, you always can do what I do and get several! As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it.

    Here are my picks:

    Dolly by Calvin Klein - $85.00
    The classic, and at this price, very affordable.

    Rocha by Nine West - $120.00
    The classic with a slight platform and a higher heel. Very affordable comfort.

    Carma by Cole Haan - $278.00
    A heel with Nike Air technology - extra padding, stacked heel. Worth every penny.

    Michael Kors MK Flex Pumps - $110.00
    The classic look but with a low heel.

    Nola by Fergalicious - $50.00
    I love the look of this pump, the round toe gives it a really cute look, perfect to dress up a pair of dark wash jeans.

    My personal favourite:
    Maribeth Heel by Coach - $168.00

    And on my wish list :)
    Christian Louboutin

    Mar 11, 2012

    Painless Shoes

    Heels should never be painful simply because they are heels. Never. Ever.

    If you are standing on your feet for long periods of time or walking around all day, all shoes will eventually become uncomfortable; heels are no different. On the same token, shoes should generally be comfortable enough to take you through your average day, even if that includes a bit of walking and standing around. Again, heels are no different.

    The secret is simple. Buy shoes that won't hurt. Easy!

    So let's start right at the beginning.
    1. You've spotted a pair of gorgeous shoes. Try them on. Both shoes. If it's a store where they only have the left or right shoe out, ask for the other one. And don't let the sale person give you attitude about wanting both - it doesn't matter if the right one fits fine!  
    2. Now that you have both shoes on - wearing the type of stocking you'd normally wear with them, or bare foot - walk up and down the store. Walk slow, walk fast, do a quick turn, a little dance step. Check for the following:
      • No pinching
      • No rubbing
      • No scrunched up toes
      • NO other noticeable discomfort
    3. Also, and trust me on this, wearing both shoes, do a very slow squat. Right down to the floor. Now rock back and forth and you'll notice how it feels across the top of your foot, or if it pulls or strains anywhere. If it does, maybe try another size.
    4. Take the shoes off and carefully examine them. Run your fingers along the seam lines to check for hard seams and stitches sticking out. Look for uneven material or anything else that might rub and cause blisters.

    The most important thing to remember is that anything that pinches, rubs or makes you wince a little bit now will become extremely painful after only minutes of walking or standing around - forget a night of mingling at a party or dancing!

    And please, please don't listen to the sales people telling you that you can wear them in! If you are buying dress shoes, then chances are you will not be wearing them several times a week, much less day after day, which is what it takes to wear shoes in. And really, have you seen a real shoe stretcher? It's made of solid wood! Your feet are not solid wood! So don't treat them like they are.

    Now go out and try on some shoes! But just remember, like men, there are lots of shoes out there to choose from so you don't have to settle for ones that cause you pain :P

    Mar 10, 2012

    Poetic Licence in Shoes

    I adore, adore, adore these shoes! This is just one delightful creation from Poetic Licince Shoes and while I may not actually wear all of them, I do adore them all just for their sheer… well, poetry.  I know, I know, I’m going over the top again, but come on! Look at them! They really are beautiful poetry reincarnated as a shoe.

    Take this one for example. It has romance and confidence all elegantly wrapped up in rich, textured suede and jewels reminiscent of the brocade gowns worn by the courtiers of the renaissance royal courts and I can just see them dancing in the grand hall to the sound of the harpsichord and the lute… sigh.

    Truly, could they be any lovelier?  I think not.

    Mar 9, 2012

    How High is that Heel?

    I've often been asked how high a heel is, and just how exactly does one measure the height?? And what if the shoe has a high platform? Does the platform count as part of the heel height or is it in addition to the heel?

    So, here are a few quick tips:

    Measure the heel itself along the side of the heel, up to where it meets the sole; measurements are not exact since the number is rounded down to the nearest quarter inch. Usually, heels are measured from a size 8.5 shoe and it will vary a bit based on the size you wear.

    Platform: The height of the platform is not in addition to the height of the heel.

    What's flat, low or high?
    Flat: 0-.5 inch
    Low heel: 1-1.5 inch
    Mid heel: 2-2.5 inch
    High heel: 3-3.5 inch
    Ultra high: 4 inch or taller

    Mar 8, 2012

    Women's Day

    To all the women in my life, what ever shoes you may walk in, as mother, sister or friend, thank you.

    Mar 7, 2012

    My First

    Do you remember your first shoes? The ones where you knew you were a shoe girl? These are mine.

    I loved everything about them the very first time I saw them.... from the soft leather to the exquisite detailing in the leather around the top but most of all, the tassels. Seriously, where in your wardrobe can you get away with tassels these days!

    They are also incredibly comfortable - especially now after having been worn in for years - but comfort aside, I adore them and simply cannot part with them. The the insole has long since worn out and very (VERY) pointy toe has seen much better days... and is not quite in style anymore.

    Over the last year or so I've been toying with the idea of taking them to a cobbler to see if maybe a bit of cosmetic surgery can be performed - tuck in the pointy toe a bit, new insoles, fix the heel. Even though I'm no longer a fan of the super pointy toe, I've been hesitant to have anything done to them. But, since they've sat in my closet for close to 3 years now, I took them to my trusted cobbler to see what he could do.

    So, fingers crossed!

    Mar 6, 2012

    Flowers on Coach

    So I've mentioned my love for Coach shoes. And these beauties are what started it.  Really, do I need to say anything else?

    First, I adore peep toes - not open toe, peep toe. There's a big difference; the peep toe is so much more subtle, showing just a hint of your sexy pedicure. The peep toe is a classy lady who doesn't need to show a lot to show what she's got.  (What, a little over the top?) Okay, moving on...

    The colour is another thing I love; beautiful, dark steel grey satin combined with soft grey leather makes for a nice change from the standard black. But the finishing touch, of course, are the rosettes on the ankle strap. To die for.

    This is love in shoe form.

    Addysen by Coach, 4 1/4" heels with a 1/2" platform.

    Mar 5, 2012

    Coach, forget the bag

    Most people think "bag" when they hear Coach.

    But that is only until you discover the shoes. I've never owned a Coach bag and was never really all that interested in Coach. After all, I'm not a bag girl.  I'm all about the shoes. And now that I've discovered the shoes, I am in love with Coach.

    Take this gorgeous sandal for example. The Sofia Heel has a slight military feel which only makes your pretty pedicured toes that much more feminine, the buckles and bold cutouts give it a very in-charge, confident look. I can't wait for spring to wear them... I can just see myself striding down the sidewalk, turning heads!

    Have I mentioned I'm in love?

    While I completely fell in love with the caramel, it also comes in black. It has a 4.5 inch heel with a 1 inch platform.

    Mar 4, 2012

    Now that's a shoe!

    I always enjoy shopping for shoes but every so often, I really want to find something that is unique. A classic shoe that will have a little something different about it to make it just that extra bit special. Of course, the need for a standard black pump will always be there - especially when working in a corporate setting - and that is why it's so enjoyable to find and wear a gorgeous, one of a kind pair of shoes on your day off!

    I think that is why I enjoy the shoes from the 1920s so much. Each shoe had such personality! Like this one. If that doesn't just scream "Take me dancing!" I don't know what does.